Our Vision:

It is our vision to be an undisputed leader in the Australian / Asian Cosmetics and Toiletry industry both in sales and profitability.

Manufacturing facility:

With the most update cosmetic process machine, import from German, Inline Homogenizer, Silverson Homogenizer, Mixing Vessel with Planetary Mixer and Side Sweep/ Cooling Plus Heating mantel, Blade Mixer and computerized operation system. Lex's divisions include: marketing, manufacturing, packaging, quality control, laboratory and sales.


With one set of 1 tone Mixing Vessel and one set of 2 tones Mixing Vessel, a total number of 3 tones raw material products can be produced. With packaging line, 15,000 completed products can be packed in one working day. In one year, raw material can be produced approx. 1,000 tones.


Manufacturing System:
Inline Homogenizer
. Silverson Homogenizer
Planetary Mixing vessel w/ side Sweep cooling /Heating
Blade Mixer
Rotary Stainless Steel Mixer
Low Speed Stainless Steel Mono Pump System

Packaging System:

7. Inline Filling Machine with Two Piston Semi-Automatic
Inline Liquid Filling Machine with Two Piston Semi-Automatic
Inline Paste and Tube Filling Machine Fully Automatic
Fully Automatic Conveyor System
Air filtered Packaging Room
Fully Automatic labeling System

  • Production capability - 1,000 kilos of raw material per day
  • Packaging capability - 10,000 items per day

Future Planning:

Current distribution is to Asian retailer in Australia and Asian market in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam. It is planned to expand on these markets and introduce the Products to new markets in Japan and Europe.

Business Characteristics:

  • Highly dynamic market
  • Customer consolidation and globalization
  • Customized solutions

Sales and Service:

Produce various types of skin care products. Producing and packing integration to meet individual customer’s unique market demand.
Sale & custom all types of cosmetics packaging.
Sale & custom made all types of cosmetics cartons and labels